Air Hostess Open Triples Competition 2017



The Open Triples Competition Shield was presented to the Air Hostess Pétanque Club by Youngers Brewery in 1993. Due to the popularity of the competition the trophy was enlarged in 2007 to accommodate further annual records of the winning teams. This competition took place on Easter Monday 17th April 2017.



We had a full house at ‘The Air Hostess’ on a cool, cloudy but dry Easter Monday for our annual Open Triples Competition. Twenty teams from all over the East Midlands prepared for friendly battle for the Shield, trophies and prizes.

The competition comprised five matches for each team, duration  timed to a maximum  of 45 minutes. Three would take place before, and the remaining two after, a  lunchtime break..

During the pre-lunch session the matches were evenly contested with most teams winning at least one game, Only two teams remained unbeaten, these being the ’JSS’ ladies from Leicestershire & ‘FOXY GUNNERS’ from Nutbrook. At the other end of the scale, just three  teams had yet to get off the mark.

Refuelling at lunchbreak more than revitalised some of the players and a topsy turvy afternoon session began. Sweet Fanny Adams had been scant in appearance however but Richard II‘s  local ‘R2K’ team were the merrymen  as the ‘ARCHERS’ from Nottingham needed to retension their bows. Conversely the men from ‘SHERWOOD’ must have been whittling away during lunch as their sharp points pierced the local ‘ISAY’ team’s defences.

Hugh’s ‘RED REJECTS’ were also inspired following the break as were Kate’s ‘RED LION’ team along with ‘RAT PACK 1’

An interesting scenario arose with four sessions having been played. At this stage there were only two teams having won all four previous games. As chance would have it, they had been drawn to play each other in their final match. With each team having one hand on the trophy and the final bell having sounded, the last end was being played. Leicestershire’s ‘JSS’ team were ahead after a  tense 45 minute encounter with Phil’s ‘ FOXY GUNNERS’.  Phil’s last boule…… secured a point, levelling the final scores at 8-8 !  A fitting end to an enthralling match.

The ‘KILLERS’ (from Killarney + 1) had their “beacon” lit in a nailbiter with the last  boule of the day collecting a 13-12 win against Malcolm’s ‘IMPOSSIBLES’. Lunchtime nourishment was not helpful for Robbie’s ‘RED CHICKENS’ either. Andrew, Nigel & Rob’s ‘ALSO RAN’ team also ran as did Iain’s ‘LIONS’ from Kegworth. The local ‘SATURDAY ALL STARS’ shone for 3 out of the 5 games, similarly for Nottingham’s ‘BCR’. Their ‘WEST INDIES’ flickered a little more than ‘RAT PACK 2’ and ‘ISAY’. Roger’s ‘NUTTERS’ followed a rise and fall curve with ‘JUSTUS’ (Terry, Carol & Craig) starting well after the breaks.

On reflection everyone seemed to enjoy the whole day’s encounter and the friendly banter always associated with this event.

At the final countdown, in third place was Tollerton’s ‘R2K’ with 4 wins. At the top of the pile, both ‘JSS’ and ‘FOXY GUNNERS’ had 4 wins and a draw. A countback to points accumulated was needed to separate the two teams, and runners-up spot went to Phil’s ‘FOXY GUNNERS’ with a p.diff of +29. A superior points difference of +38 ensured that the ladies from the Leicestershire  team ‘JSS’ took the winners title. Congratulations to Jane, Sue and Sandy on winning the competition and retaining the title of “champions” for the second year running.

Peter presented the prizes of the ‘Youngers’ Shield, individual trophies, cash envelopes, wine and chocolates.

Thanks to the landlady of “The Air Hostess” and her staff for providing refreshments and food throughout the day. Many thanks also must go to our chairman Peter for organising and running the event, to Ann & Bev in the front office and to the assisting club members.

The club thanks all the players for their support and looks forward to welcoming everyone back again to ‘The Air Hostess’ next year for our annual Easter Monday Open Triples event.