Club Pairs Competition 2017

“Munro Challenge” – Pairs Competition –  September  2017 pic1

The Munro trophy challenge was held on the 25/09/2017 and was attended by 16 club members. Ann and Sue drew the names from the hat, Ann unlucky/ lucky enough to be partnering Ian.

Weather was fair, and I hope rulings, as times were cut to ensure that all pairs would play each other and that no coche would be thrown with under a minute to go.

The first round saw wins for Richard the second & Trev, Andrew & Simon and Kevin & Jim. The second round saw a fight back from the other teams, Steve & Sue, Chris & Will and the Thompsons, who’s luck prevailed well into the evening.

The next three rounds saw 2 teams break from the pack, Kevin & Jim, Andrew & Simon,  the latter having beaten the former in their head to head seemingly crucial. However the final round produced a nail biter from Kevin and Jim against the final pair of the evening Peter and Rob winning 4-3. This and by virtue of one point gained from a draw left Kevin and Jim holding the Munro trophy for 2017.



Report – A.Bendy