Club Singles Competition 2017

The competition for the “Singles Champion Trophy” was newly inaugurated in 2010 and is held yearly within the Club  and will be contested by club members.

The club’s 2017 singles competition took place on the warm dry evening of Monday 17th July. The format was similar to last year with members playing 7 games of 15 minutes duration, however this year the member who had accumulated the most points (rather than games won) would take the trophy.

This arrangement suggested a speed boule type of competition (slight murmurs were heard coming from Kevin’s and Malc’s direction).

The participants numbered 15 – not ideal – so thanks to Elsie & Julie who joined forces the match was set for seven rounds of seven individual games with 5 minute breaks between each.

After 4 games and 52 points on the board it looked to be Peter’s night but Kevin had other ideas!  Speed points were neither  in Sue’s, Ian’s  nor the girls’ favours.  Steve and Jim were  strong mid session  with Trevor, Malcolm, Ann and Chris just coming up short of the podium places.

Third place was taken by Richard S. with 72 points, one point less than Simon as runner-up with 73. However the winner with an unbeatable 75 points and only one loss was Richard F. who, believe it or not, happened to be the organiser, administrator and coordinator of the whole competition and we thank him for ensuring an enjoyable evening for all on the piste.

Peter presented the prizes and the “Singles Trophy” was proudly held aloft by Richard – well done.