Club Triples Competition 2016

Triples_Cup     The Club Triples tournament takes place around mid season and this year it was held on the warm summer evening of Monday 15th August.

Fifteen members turned out giving a nice round figure of five triples teams, although scheduling the games appeared more problematical. The players were quickly assessed into three groups to get an overall balance of shooters and pointers. The teams were then drawn randomly from the groups.

As play got underway, the possibly fancied team of Andrew, Malcolm and Chris fell a little short of promise, but Kevin, Peter and Anns’ team began with two straight wins as did Will, Richard II and Keith.

The games were timed to 25 minutes with one team sitting out with a ‘bye’ each round. Having had a bye for the first game, Rob, Richard S and Ian were caught cold in the 2nd as the sun went down with a 1-13 loss but then rose to the challenge winning their remaining games.

Also recovering from a slow start, the team of Andy, Steve K and Jim, began piling on the points as the evening progressed with a 13-2 and 11-6 finish.

At the end of play three teams had 3 wins to their names so the decision came down to points difference. In third place with a p.d of -6 were Rob, Richard S. and Ian. Runners-up were Kevin, Peter and Ann with a p.d of +6.

Winners_web     However Andy, Steve and Jim were the victors with a difference of +11. from their three wins and so new names go on to the trophy which was presented by the chairman Peter along with bottles of wine. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to Peter, Ann & Ian for running the event. We look forward to our next ‘in house’ competition this being the ‘pairs challenge’ for the ‘Munro Trophy’ to be held on Monday 12th. September.