Club Triples Competition 2017

Club Triples Competition – Monday 4th September 2017

Thirteen members turned out for this event, not the ideal number for a triples competition. However this was quickly resolved by Andrew, the stand-in organiser, with Ian and Trev sharing a role.

The team selections were made in a manner which gave each team a cross section of talent. Games were limited to 40 minutes to enable each of the 4 teams to play the other three teams. Weather conditions were warm and dry.

Will, Richard S. and Keith beat Chris, Mac and Kevin in the first game as did Malcolm, Trev and Richard F. against Andrew, Steve and Simon.

The second round of games produced similar results for the previous  winners with Ian substituting for Trev.

The final round paired the two losing teams against each other for the third place, duly taken by Chris, Mac & Kevin.

The fight for the trophy was evenly matched between the two unbeaten teams until a series of ricochets gave Will Richard and Keith the opportunity for 6 points at one end.  Malc, Trev and Richard F started to reduce the deficit but ran out of time losing 7-10.

All the games throughout the evening were closely fought and thanks go to Andrew (& Rob) for organising an enjoyable contest.

Congratulations to Will, Richard S. & Keith on winning the club’s “Triples” trophy presented by Andrew. Chocolates also appeared and were appreciated by all.