Mike Whitehill Remembered



It is with great sadness that we record the passing of Mike Whitehill, a long standing member of the club.

He died peacefully on 9th June after a short illness. Mike will be missed by all who knew him for his infectious humour, his enthusiasm, and his devotion to the wellbeing of the club.

He was a good player, being a strong member of the Air Hostess 5 team which worked its way up the regional petanque league to winning it in 2011.

Mike also did lots of the behind the scenes work for the club without asking for any recognition. He helped to organise competitions, he did the raffles, he sorted the finances, he liaised with the pub and he generally kept us going in a good direction.

Mike led the way in showing us how to always play petanque for pleasure. Whenever things threatened to get too tense he was there to bring a touch of humour and common sense to the proceedings. He charmed colleagues and opponents alike, forming friendships which lasted through many years of playing the game over the whole region.

He was instrumental in giving the Air Hostess Petanque Club the reputation of being the friendliest and most hospitable club in the league.

Even though he gave up playing a few years ago, Mike kept up his links to the Air Hostess and we all owe him a debt for getting the Club established into its current good place.

We will miss him.