The Chairman’s Boule d’Argent 2016

ah6-team-winners-boule-dargent-2016The Air Hostess 2016 Inter-team competition, the Chairman’s Boule d’Argent was played on Monday 26th. September and the winners for the first time were AH6, in the tightest of competitions where the result only became fact in the final game of 12 played on the night.

The daytime weather had mainly been rainy, but the competition was played in nothing worse than damp and cool conditions. This was thankfully predicted by the BBC weather forecast, so forewarned, Steve developed a format that could keep players on the piste for as much of the evening as possible, so as to avoid any standing around and getting cold and miserable.

The format involved playing in 4 rounds, 1 per piste, such that over the course of the evening each player played as part of double or triple against all the other players from opponent teams. Each team consisted of some combination of 2 doubles or triples and  played 8 games in total. Each round lasted 30 minutes with 10 minutes break between rounds.

The winning AH6 won 5, drew 2 and lost 1, closely pursued by AH5 who won 4, drew 2 and lost 2. AH3 won 1 and lost 7. The most successful pairing of the evening was AH6’s Simon and Richard Fowkes who won 3 and drew 1. The other members of the winning team were Richard Swann and Kevin who won 3, drew 1 and lost 1 which was a comparable record to the AH5 pairings of Malcolm, Will and Rob, and also Andrew, Peter and Chris. AH3 having a rather harder evening played in pairings of Ann, Ian and Trev, and also Sue and Mac never giving up and winning their final game in some style.

The club chairman Peter Johnson-Marshall was pleased to present the handsome Boule d’Argent to the winning team at the end of the evening’s proceedings. The chairman also donated a large tin of chocolates to the winners, these being eagerly ‘scoffed’ by those surrounding.

Thanks must go to Steve K, who organised and ran the whole event having developed formats to cover all eventualities regarding weather, numbers of attending members from each team with everyone playing continuously throughout the evening.