Club Pairs Competition 2017

“Munro Challenge” – Pairs Competition –  September  2017 pic1

The Munro trophy challenge was held on the 25/09/2017 and was attended by 16 club members. Ann and Sue drew the names from the hat, Ann unlucky/ lucky enough to be partnering Ian.

Weather was fair, and I hope rulings, as times were cut to ensure that all pairs would play each other and that no coche would be thrown with under a minute to go.

The first round saw wins for Richard the second & Trev, Andrew & Simon and Kevin & Jim. The second round saw a fight back from the other teams, Steve & Sue, Chris & Will and the Thompsons, who’s luck prevailed well into the evening.

The next three rounds saw 2 teams break from the pack, Kevin & Jim, Andrew & Simon,  the latter having beaten the former in their head to head seemingly crucial. However the final round produced a nail biter from Kevin and Jim against the final pair of the evening Peter and Rob winning 4-3. This and by virtue of one point gained from a draw left Kevin and Jim holding the Munro trophy for 2017.



Report – A.Bendy

Knockout Cup 2017

em1003All the teams competing in the Thursday Petanque League are entered into the “Knockout Cup”. This competition is run throughout the season with the final being played after the last league game of the year has been played. All the defeated teams of the first round are entered into the “Knockout Plate” competition, the final of which again is held at the end of the season

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Club Triples Competition 2017

Club Triples Competition – Monday 4th September 2017

Thirteen members turned out for this event, not the ideal number for a triples competition. However this was quickly resolved by Andrew, the stand-in organiser, with Ian and Trev sharing a role.

The team selections were made in a manner which gave each team a cross section of talent. Games were limited to 40 minutes to enable each of the 4 teams to play the other three teams. Weather conditions were warm and dry.

Will, Richard S. and Keith beat Chris, Mac and Kevin in the first game as did Malcolm, Trev and Richard F. against Andrew, Steve and Simon.

The second round of games produced similar results for the previous  winners with Ian substituting for Trev.

The final round paired the two losing teams against each other for the third place, duly taken by Chris, Mac & Kevin.

The fight for the trophy was evenly matched between the two unbeaten teams until a series of ricochets gave Will Richard and Keith the opportunity for 6 points at one end.  Malc, Trev and Richard F started to reduce the deficit but ran out of time losing 7-10.

All the games throughout the evening were closely fought and thanks go to Andrew (& Rob) for organising an enjoyable contest.

Congratulations to Will, Richard S. & Keith on winning the club’s “Triples” trophy presented by Andrew. Chocolates also appeared and were appreciated by all.



Club Singles Competition 2017

The competition for the “Singles Champion Trophy” was newly inaugurated in 2010 and is held yearly within the Club  and will be contested by club members.

The club’s 2017 singles competition took place on the warm dry evening of Monday 17th July. The format was similar to last year with members playing 7 games of 15 minutes duration, however this year the member who had accumulated the most points (rather than games won) would take the trophy.

This arrangement suggested a speed boule type of competition (slight murmurs were heard coming from Kevin’s and Malc’s direction).

The participants numbered 15 – not ideal – so thanks to Elsie & Julie who joined forces the match was set for seven rounds of seven individual games with 5 minute breaks between each.

After 4 games and 52 points on the board it looked to be Peter’s night but Kevin had other ideas!  Speed points were neither  in Sue’s, Ian’s  nor the girls’ favours.  Steve and Jim were  strong mid session  with Trevor, Malcolm, Ann and Chris just coming up short of the podium places.

Third place was taken by Richard S. with 72 points, one point less than Simon as runner-up with 73. However the winner with an unbeatable 75 points and only one loss was Richard F. who, believe it or not, happened to be the organiser, administrator and coordinator of the whole competition and we thank him for ensuring an enjoyable evening for all on the piste.

Peter presented the prizes and the “Singles Trophy” was proudly held aloft by Richard – well done.

Pre-Season Charity Open Event 2017


The Pre Season Charity Open Event – Thursday 9th March.
At 7.15 pm on the dot, an impressive 18 competitors registered with the excellent organisers for the evening, Ian and Ann Thompson and Peter Johnson-Marshall to whom we were all most grateful. Thank you.
It was great to see competitors from both home and away, including Nutbrook, the Three Crowns at Hathern and the Anchor.
So in what must be said were excellent weather conditions and a beautiful moonlit sky, 9 pairings proceeded to do battle in 4 rounds of 25 minutes.
Before our arrival it had been pointed out that there were a few novices amongst the competitors but it was soon apparent that they were not easy to spot. For instance the so called novice Chris P paired with Bob N took a commanding and eventually insurmountable 9 –0 lead in their first game over myself and my partner Ian as a result of some excellent pointing.
After round 2 everything was very close, every team had at least 1 win to their name, with 2 Chris P and Bob, and Peter and Kevin drawing their game meant they had the edge of 1W and 1D.
At half time, beer break, raffle tickets were brought round with prizes of wine for the winners. This was drawn at the end of the night with a fantastic total of £59 to be donated to the Children’s Ward at the QMC.
Round 3 was beginning to sort out the front runners as Graham Hey and Steve Taylor took another win as did the 2 Richards, Kevin and Peter and Chris P and Bob. Meanwhile the other pairings of the night Phil and Andy P, Chris and Rob, Sue and Jim, Andy and Ian and Pete K and Nigel were now off the pace.
Every match though was showing signs of a good match spirit with no off season flippancy.
It was of course Round 4 that sorted out the final order, which Peter duly announced in the pub at the close.
In 3rd place were the 2 Richards with 3W losing only on points difference to Graham and Steve who in turn were bettered by the nights winners Peter and Kev.
It should be mentioned that the real winner was Kev, who when receiving the generous beer vouchers from the Air Hostess landlord, was quick to realise his partner Peter did not drink beer. Lucky guy !!!!
Well played to the winners especially but thanks to all for a great turnout. A great way to get the Boules rolling as the new season approaches and best of luck to all our teams for the year ahead…..
Report by A.Bendy