The Chairman’s Boule d’Argent 2018

The Air Hostess Petanque Club’s  Inter-team competition is known as the  “Chairman’s Boule d’Argent”

On October 1st we gathered to vie for the last trophy of the season with the Goose Fair weather reminding us why we all put our boules in the cupboard under the stairs until May.

The lights went on before we kicked off at 7:30, but, despite the cold and a few spots of intermittent rain, competition was as keen as ever as AH3, AH5 and AH6 battled for bragging rights.

Once again, there was a great turnout.  AH3 and AH5 had seven players each, so their teams were divided into a triple and two pairs.  AH6 were hit by a last-minute injury and an unavoidable work commitment and were down to five.  Fortunately, Richard managed to persuade Yvonne to give up her warm and comfortable seat in front of the TV to join us and to guarantee that they had three pairs.  Many thanks for her considerable sacrifice!

The first round saw AH6 beating AH3 2-1, with a strong showing from Trev and Mac who beat Keith and Kevin 13-11 in a tight game.  AH6 then went on to play AH5. Andy and Richard F made short work of the game against Andrew, Peter and Chris, despite an attempt at a comeback towards the end.  AH5 triumphed in the other two games, however, to win the round 2-1. The final and decisive round pitted AH5 against AH3.  The triples battle was won by AH5 and Will and Jim also came out winners against Joolz and Mike.  The spirit of competition was exemplified by the last match of the evening which went right down to the wire with Rob and Malcolm and Mac and Trev all square at 12-12 on the last end.  With everyone else now in the spectators’ gallery, Rob produced an impressive winning firing shot.  By his own admission, Rob was as surprised as anyone else as he “hadn’t hit anything all night”.

We were all glad to retreat to the warmth of the pub, where the trophy was duly awarded to the AH5 team of Rob, Will, Chris, Jim, Malcolm, Peter and Andrew. Final scores were:

1st AH5 5 wins
2nd AH6 3 wins
3rd AH3 1 win

We must all take the opportunity of thanking the brewery and the Air Hostess for their generous offer of a set of 18 team polo shirts.  Despite Kevin’s initial insistence that he would never wear one, and Malcolm expressing a preference for our ‘come as you are’ approach, the consensus was that we ought to match the sartorial standard of nearly all of our league opponents.  Red narrowly won out as a team colour on a show of hands, with Rob reminding us of the studies into the psychological impact of this colour in the sporting world.  An order was placed with Val and here’s hoping that we all end up with a shirt that fits us and that we see the benefits of our new club apparel next season.

Many thanks to all who came along to take part in a fitting conclusion to another very enjoyable season played in the best of spirit and company.


Singles Champion Trophy 2018

Club Singles 2018 – Monday 24th. September 2018

On a sunny pleasant and Autumnal evening 14 folk competed for the singles cup and the brisk format of 6 x 15 minutes games kept everyone warm as the chill set in!

Rob, Andrew and Kevin were early leaders with a chasing pack of Will, Rich F, Mack, Simon and Andy.  With one game to go several were in the hunt, and rather bizarrely with none of the leaders managing to win their last game a tight 9 all draw with Kevin was just enough to see Will pip his dad to the first prize with 4.5 wins. Sue Mack and Kevin came in joint third and Steve and Richard S joint wooden spooners( by quite a large margin!).

Thanks also to Chris  for getting the pistes in good condition.


Munro Challenge Pairs Competition 2018

“Munro Challenge” – Pairs Competition – 2018

On Monday 10th September we held the Munro Challenge Pairs competition.  The event was again very well attended, and we achieved the optimum number of 16 entries, allowing us to pick eight pairs at random. Once we had ironed out the glitch of entering Jim twice, which could have seen him playing against himself, battle commenced on time at 7:30 in pleasant weather conditions.

The format was four games of 30 minutes each and at the half-way stage things were already becoming clear as only two teams had won both of their games – Simon and Andy, and Malcolm and Jim.  As luck would have it, these two teams were drawn to play each other in the third round and Simon and Andy registered a crushing 13-1 victory.  Buoyed by this success, they went on to triumph over Richard F and Trev in the final round, thus remaining unbeaten and becoming worthy winners of the Munro Challenge trophy. This was Simon’s second trophy in two weeks and sets him up for a possible clean sweep of the club competitions.

In a late burst, Richard S and Mac stormed into second place by winning three out of four of their games.

Many thanks to those who attended.


Club Triples Competition 2018

Air Hostess Triples Competition 2018

Due to the brevity of the new league season, we were able to kick off our internal competition programme with the Triples tournament on Monday 27th August.  Despite this being a bank holiday, we had an excellent turnout, falling just one short of the magic number of 18 contestants.  We therefore managed five triples, with Steve and Bev, who were last out of the hat playing as a pair.

We opted for three longer rounds of 40 minutes each and enjoyed the luxury of using three open pistes.  Under a lowering sky, but thankfully with no rain, we started on time with trophy fever evident in the intensity of the competition.

After two rounds there were just two teams who had won both their games: Jim, Richard F and Mac, and Chris, Simon and Ian.  The last end of the third round produced high drama as both of these squads could have picked up a third victory, but Jim and Co were restricted to a draw, with Mac managing to add points with one of his last two shots but not the other.  Simon, however, was able to point in to record a narrow 7-6 victory and thus remain unbeaten.

There was, therefore, no need to resort to the calculator.  The top three teams were as follows:

1st Chris, Simon, Ian 6pts
2nd Jim, Richard F, Mac 5pts
3rd Rob, Sue, Richard S 3pts


Well done to the successful trio and thanks to everyone who took part in a very enjoyable evening.

Mike Whitehill Remembered



It is with great sadness that we record the passing of Mike Whitehill, a long standing member of the club.

He died peacefully on 9th June after a short illness. Mike will be missed by all who knew him for his infectious humour, his enthusiasm, and his devotion to the wellbeing of the club.

He was a good player, being a strong member of the Air Hostess 5 team which worked its way up the regional petanque league to winning it in 2011.

Mike also did lots of the behind the scenes work for the club without asking for any recognition. He helped to organise competitions, he did the raffles, he sorted the finances, he liaised with the pub and he generally kept us going in a good direction.

Mike led the way in showing us how to always play petanque for pleasure. Whenever things threatened to get too tense he was there to bring a touch of humour and common sense to the proceedings. He charmed colleagues and opponents alike, forming friendships which lasted through many years of playing the game over the whole region.

He was instrumental in giving the Air Hostess Petanque Club the reputation of being the friendliest and most hospitable club in the league.

Even though he gave up playing a few years ago, Mike kept up his links to the Air Hostess and we all owe him a debt for getting the Club established into its current good place.

We will miss him.



Knockout Cup 2018

All the teams competing in the Thursday Petanque League are entered into the “Knockout Cup”. This competition is run throughout the season with the final being played after the last league game of the year has been played. All the defeated teams of the first round are entered into the “Knockout Plate” competition, the final of which again is held at the end of the season

Click link below for Fixtures & Results schedule

Knockout Cup Fixtures 2018

Open Triples Competition Shield 2018

The Open Triples Competition Shield was presented to the Air Hostess Pétanque Club by Youngers Brewery in 1993. Due to the popularity of the competition the trophy was enlarged in 2007 to accommodate further annual records of the winning teams.

Mayday Bank Holiday Open Triples Competition  – Monday 7th May 2018

After the disappointment of the monsoon struck  Easter Monday cancellation, the weather for our re-scheduled annual event was perfect, with a full house of nationwide pétanque players enjoying a cloudless sky on a day which in effect  became the warmest Mayday Bank Holiday on record.

Twenty teams took part with play being split into three rounds before lunch and two in the afternoon. To enable the timetable to be successful the maximum playing time for each round was limited to one hour.

The   Kestrels  from Ravenshead started brightly against Carol’s  Olly  from Nutbrook. as did Phil’s  Foxy Gunners  who scraped a one point win against Stone’s much fancied  J.S.L.  The local team  R.R.S. had a couple of close encounters but were still unscathed by lunchtime. Teams  Nick North  and Robbie also managed to get to the barbecue break with 3 wins.  Barrie’s  Nutbrook team were on a bit of a rollercoaster as were Red Lion’s  Paul, Darren & Kate.  Andrew’s  R.A.W. cooked Nutbrook’s  Scrambled Eggs in the first round but were then  Exiled by Di, Wayne & Adie.  Another Nottingham City team  K.P.Nuts  had nail biting games prior to a well received lunch supplied by the pub.

The afternoon session saw the holders of the trophy J.S.S. win both rounds, with  Saturday Trip Jim’s Red Lion,  Kevin’s  The Shadows,  Ginny’s  9-1 Down,  and John’s  Killarney  teams all having mixed fortunes with locals S.A.K. missing out on two very close games.

At the end of the day the scoreboard revealed that four teams had won 4 out of 5 games and two teams had a full house.  In 3rd. place  with 4 wins, were The Shadows from Nottingham City, having the greatest points difference.

With five wins  and a points difference of +16,  the Runners-Up spot  was taken by the  Nick North team from Mansfield.

Congratulations and the Trophy go to ROBBIE’S team from the Red Lion having 5 wins with a points difference of +41 .

Peter presented bottles of wine to Third place, cash envelopes and wine to Runners-Up and the A.H.P.C.’s  Youngers Shield,  cash envelopes,  individual trophies and wine to the Winners.

Thanks go to all those players and supporters present and to club members  involved in setting up the pistes with Jean running the front office. Thanks also to the landlady of “The Air Hostess” and her catering staff for providing refreshments and food throughout the day.   The club would like to express it’s appreciation to Peter for organising a very enjoyable friendly event which was enhanced by the fantastic weather.   We look forward to welcoming everyone back again next year if not before, don’t forget that anyone wanting to have a casual game is very welcome to come to our club evenings on Mondays from 7.30pm.

Pre-season friendly with Nutbrook Pétanque Club

On Thursday 12th April we organised a friendly game against Nutbrook Pétanque Club.  The opposition was keen to give their new members some invaluable experience in playing under match conditions and we were all in need of loosening our limbs in preparation for the upcoming Thursday League season.  It was good to see five pairs from each side pitting their wits against each other over two games, with a little help from a couple of family members on the Air Hostess team.

Under the watchful eye of Phil Allen, the Nutbrook players gave a good account of themselves and, equally importantly, there was a very convivial atmosphere which allowed everybody to enjoy the evening, which finished with a lot of players from both sides having a drink and a chat in the bar.

For the record, we won 7-3 and Malcolm and Chris came within a few minutes of breaking the record for the slowest ever game.

Many thanks to all who attended and to Phil for organising the Nutbrook team, not forgetting Andrew’s smooth running of the whole event.