The Chairman’s Boule d’Argent 2018

The Air Hostess Petanque Club’s  Inter-team competition is known as the  “Chairman’s Boule d’Argent”

On October 1st we gathered to vie for the last trophy of the season with the Goose Fair weather reminding us why we all put our boules in the cupboard under the stairs until May.

The lights went on before we kicked off at 7:30, but, despite the cold and a few spots of intermittent rain, competition was as keen as ever as AH3, AH5 and AH6 battled for bragging rights.

Once again, there was a great turnout.  AH3 and AH5 had seven players each, so their teams were divided into a triple and two pairs.  AH6 were hit by a last-minute injury and an unavoidable work commitment and were down to five.  Fortunately, Richard managed to persuade Yvonne to give up her warm and comfortable seat in front of the TV to join us and to guarantee that they had three pairs.  Many thanks for her considerable sacrifice!

The first round saw AH6 beating AH3 2-1, with a strong showing from Trev and Mac who beat Keith and Kevin 13-11 in a tight game.  AH6 then went on to play AH5. Andy and Richard F made short work of the game against Andrew, Peter and Chris, despite an attempt at a comeback towards the end.  AH5 triumphed in the other two games, however, to win the round 2-1. The final and decisive round pitted AH5 against AH3.  The triples battle was won by AH5 and Will and Jim also came out winners against Joolz and Mike.  The spirit of competition was exemplified by the last match of the evening which went right down to the wire with Rob and Malcolm and Mac and Trev all square at 12-12 on the last end.  With everyone else now in the spectators’ gallery, Rob produced an impressive winning firing shot.  By his own admission, Rob was as surprised as anyone else as he “hadn’t hit anything all night”.

We were all glad to retreat to the warmth of the pub, where the trophy was duly awarded to the AH5 team of Rob, Will, Chris, Jim, Malcolm, Peter and Andrew. Final scores were:

1st AH5 5 wins
2nd AH6 3 wins
3rd AH3 1 win

We must all take the opportunity of thanking the brewery and the Air Hostess for their generous offer of a set of 18 team polo shirts.  Despite Kevin’s initial insistence that he would never wear one, and Malcolm expressing a preference for our ‘come as you are’ approach, the consensus was that we ought to match the sartorial standard of nearly all of our league opponents.  Red narrowly won out as a team colour on a show of hands, with Rob reminding us of the studies into the psychological impact of this colour in the sporting world.  An order was placed with Val and here’s hoping that we all end up with a shirt that fits us and that we see the benefits of our new club apparel next season.

Many thanks to all who came along to take part in a fitting conclusion to another very enjoyable season played in the best of spirit and company.